Request for an integrated blender user shareable art store or repository

I am using blender for last two years for robots preview and crafting idea for new robot design . And I have not heavy rely until blender 2.8 come. After that I have replaced all of my modeling tools by blender.

One thing that I have noticed that it took too long even to make a simple model and making a simple scene took hours and hours of works . Even though the whole internet is packed with copyright free Scenes and models.

But it would be awesome if artist can share their Models, Scenes , Shader Notes and their rendered scene . If that store was integrated with the blender itself then artist can not only saves time by sharing , it will accelerate blender workflow . I really wanna share my arts among all the people that have installed blender and have internet connection.Yes, there are many website for artist but these website dividing blender artist community and we can’t share our arts in efficient way.

I am requesting developer to make some of this features where any one can upload their works , like social media anyone can download and vote to anyone art works. Or , maybe with some restriction they can sell their art for some price .

I hope blender developers will add this in blender 2.8

There already are such sites and integrating such features inside Blender don’t work exactly as how Blender is intended to work by default with no internet connection. There are some addons that are like asset managers which also get stuff from the internet.

When the native asset manager will be available in future releases you will be able to add objects to your scenes easier from your local files.

Mostly free stuff:

A dedicated Blender store:

You can easily append or link objects/materials etc. to your scene for now.