Render engine add-ons performance

As mentioned in that topic, it’s not that simple. For exampling tweaking a parameter in geometry nodes might cause an object to be generated, or changing a driver value somewhere might cause a collection and associated objects to become visible.

Renderers can not integrate at the level of user-edited data, they can not reasonably understand how that relates to the evaluated scene.

Sure, I get that this is impossible now; I apologize if I sounded like I’m demanding this be implemented now. @JuanGea did ask what third-party render engines would like to see improved in Blender’s code, and this one of the things I want.

What I meant is that the specific solution you describe will never be possible. There can be some way to make detecting deleted objects easier, but never like this.

⚓ T90471 Improve performance for Render Engines Addons I created a “Todo” in Not sure if this is the right way. But my thought was that various ideas here could be created as subtasks of this to improve. For example, getting mesh vertices to a numpy array faster…