Removing or adding workspace from/to factory defaults?


I want to remove some workspaces. Well, not remove them completely, but make them inactive, so that they can be found in the workspace menu , where you can reactivate it if needed. Modeling and sculpting is imho not necessary since you can switch to edit and sculpt mode from the default layout already. And maybe add a new one at a later point.

In Blender 2.79 and below you simply changed the layout, saved the startup file, and compiled Blender with this created startup.blend. When i do this with 2.80 i get a crash at startup. The cause is some code in versioning_defaults.c, which checks for quite a few things. And simply crashes Blender at startup when it doesn’t fit with what it finds in the startup.blend.

How does it work nowadays with 2.80 to remove or to add a workspace for the factory defaults?

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The process is the same as 2.79. If there is a crash that would be a bug. Normally versioning_defauls.c will never run on a user-created startup file, only the one bundled with Blender.

Thanks Brecht. Tested it with a vanilla Blender again, and it works indeed just fine. Makes me wonder what is so special with my current modifications.

But anyways, now i know that the mistake is most probably somewhere at my end. And that it should still work the old way, and in fact does. Minus the crash at my end at the moment. Will do a debug now. Thanks:)