Remove legacy instancing

From the other side, it is probably not very good when the most of the manageability is supposed to be solved via addons (we have a dozens of them already). A complicated topic though.

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Update: Fixed instances rotation reset for correct transformation-order

I just found this option:
I strongly can’t believe is that used in some time by someone.
Right now i think, this can be lost.

I agree that it’s okay if the replacement doesn’t support driving/animating the instancing method.

Just dropping into this thread, this suggestion made me twitch. Which option do you think hasn’t been used before? I’ve used ‘faces’ and ‘vertices’ because sometimes I’ve wanted buildings instanced on the faces of building lot geometry. In other cases, I’ve wanted stuff on the points, and ‘none’ has allowed me to declutter the view before now as well.

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This pic shows use of drivers on these buttons. Rest of thread is about recreating other functionality with GN.

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Hey, i was just testing my pull request in one old file and find problem: Face scale factor have to multiply on face size only for mask. Initially, i just apply size of faces, but factor used the mask.

There is new file version, fixed:

Few potential problems:

  1. If you added animation of instancing type, it will be missing.
  2. Metaball instansing do not work with geometry nodes instances.
  3. Levels on nested instances is limited. It hard to control nested level for each object and it childs.