Remesh units seem inconsistent with Dyntopo units

The new Remesh functionality is fantastic but the units (expressed in meters, etc…) may be inconsistent with other sculpting functionality.

  • Dyntopo constant detail uses an edge length defined as a divisor for blender units (i.e. a higher number represents higher resolution). This provides a much more intuitive way to use higher numbers for higher resolutions. When I’m sculpting using Dyntopo in constant detail (where I am most of the time) and I find a need to remesh, it would be nice if the remesh would honor my constant detail representation. I’ve found that if I tell remesh to use the reciprocal of the number I have for constant detail, I don’t get a remesh at the resolution I would expect.
  • Dyntopo relative detail uses pixels. Not sure how this should relate to the remesh functionality.
  • Dyntopo brush detail uses a percentage of brush size (I think - I haven’t used this much).


  • Have remesh use the same units as Dyntopo constant detail. This might imply unifying the UI for that detail number.
  • Have the Remesh UI allow selection of alternative units representation using a pulldown.
  • Maybe place an eyedropper to allow sampling the remesh resolution, much like Dyntopo let’s you do to sample mesh density.
  • Right now remesh doesn’t work if we’re in Dyntopo mode. Perhaps it should work by automagically switching out of Dyntopo, doing the remesh using the the constant detail units (if in that mode), and switching back to Dyntopo mode.

Smarter people than me can probably tell me why I’m thinking about this incorrectly (e.g. I get the sense that Pablo thinks we can do without Dyntopo once remeshing is in place) or can come up with better suggestions.