Remap materials in outliner

Right now you have a hard time changing a lot of materials in the outliner / blender file. If you have for example 20 different materials and you want to change 10 of them to just one materials, you can use the remap in the outline. If you mark one material, right click and say remap you are able to choose with wich material it should be replaced with. Technically it works perfect for single materials but unfortunately you can’t ‘batch’-replace. So taking the example of the 10 materials, you can select the ones you want to change and right-click and go to remap. The problem now, you have to manually click ok for every single material.

Now imagine you import a file that has over several hundred materials (because of lazy artist, error or what ever reason), clicking a few hundred times to replace a material with another would be so tedious.

It would’ve been an immens reliefe if you can check a box that says ‘replace all selected’ with X or similar.


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You can do it with the material utilities addon, not in the outliner though.

You can do it with the material utilities addon, not in the outliner though.

Yes, this is correct, but only for one material and not for a batch of multiple ones. I can’t have mat1, mat2, mat3 all at the same time change to mat4 as I described.

The Material Utilities Addon also has a big disadvantage as soon as the material list in the scene exceeds the length of the list or even worse of the screen. Then scrolling through the list is tedious at best. And it’s really no fun while using a pen tablet, either. Lists in Blender behanve EXTREMELY inconsistend as some support scrolling with a pen tablet, others support alt-dragging and yet others only seem to support mousewheel scrolling.

Yes you can, with copy materials to selected.

No and you want to double check that because what you are describing is Linking material from one object to others or at least copying the materials from one to another. But that is not what I was talking about. I was talking about replacing Material A with Material B. And not only one one object but scene-wide. Those are two completely different things. Please read my initial post again…

Sorry my bad, I have mistaken material and material (slots).
You are right, that is not possible.

Since it its Remap materials related i hope its ok to post here.

I have a problem with the “Popup menu” that appears if someone click on the Material ID.The problem is that i have over 200 materials what i want to swap quickly, the prob is i can not navigate further through the Material-list as the list that is displayed.There is no slider,and scroll with the mouse does not shift to a new page at the end.

Maybe there is a shortcut that i have not discovered before,or is this a bug?

Workflow.In the outliner > Blender file > Material > Right click Remap User > select new Material to change

edit,I noticed a mega annoying behavior after using the remap users function.After remap user ID to a new Material,Blender deactivates the fake user from the last Material used.Now i am afraid of haveing lost many Materials this way,because i have saved the Blender file during the work.Hours of work lost.Why Blender dont let the decision made by the artist, to let the Material as fake user,to make sure it dont get lost?
PLS fix it asap.THX

This menu without scrolling,is allready posted as bugreport,still no change

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