Recent File Dialogue

I’m honestly a bit furious. I have muscle spasms that I cannot control. I had one and accidentally hit the X next to recent files, and now I can’t recover it, apparently ever. This is a huge accessibility oversight, and major oversight in general.

What do I do here? The documentation says you can delete it but never even covers how to restore it.

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At least asking whether one wants to delete the Recent entries would be useful, since Blender is normally asking whether you want to delete objects normally.

Oh no! That’s really annoying.
Ties in to the very old debate about a confirmation dialog when overwriting a file on export dialogs, very well. :neutral_face:

Data loss without a confirmation is never a good idea, unless the user willingly opts out of every confirmation warning.

Maybe having an settings in the preferences, would be useful. You won’t satisfy everyone with one way, that’s what preferences are for.

It’s so unimportant. It’s not even “Favorites” that you added manually. These “Recent” directories are updated every time you open a new file, so why bother with them.