Real-time COMPUTE & Render / Preview Everywhere (GPU)

Hello dear developer, for quite some time, and with a lot of hindsight, I have been watching and thinking about the optimization of real time in blender, As long as it is on the side of fluid simulation (Gas, water, smoke, Foam etc…)… There is something that I would like to understand, but I can’t find the answer to my question, that’s why I open this topic. For example, we agree that the “EEVEE” rendering engine works under and only under the GPU, But only the rendering engine works under the GPU, and not the other ancillary calculations such as, for example, fluid simulation , or even the calculation of collisions??

i know some task can be multi-threaded, but a lot of GPU are a big power of compute, for some task is better and this is for that the GPU is used on big software for more power, and polyvalency.

If The answer is yes… I wonder why don’t we just move everything that sits (or can), on the CPU and move it to the GPU so that everything is computed by the GPU And gives us real time, in the same way as a real game engine for example…?

(When i’m talking about the real-time first i’m talking a realtime in viewport first with 30FPS constant minimum)

(This is not an idea but a discussion to weigh the pros, cons, and how to proceed.)

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