Re-callable scene collection states

Scene collections are slowly shaping up to be the layers (and more)comparable to other programs. One essential feature which I would like to recommend to add is scene collection states, where we can save the current state of visible and hidden layers and then be able to recall the state quickly.

Here is a scenario with a few collections:

Collection 1
Collection 2
Collection 3
Collection 4

In one scene collection state, I would like to have only collections 1 & 2 visible. In another state, I would like to have 2,3 & 4 visible. And in another, 1 & 4. Ideally the collection states should be able to be named easily and recalled easily, i.e. restore visibility settings as it were when the state was saved. This is should be separate than scenes as well.

It would essentially be replicating the behavior of the “Layer Groups” function in the layer management addon in Blender 2.79 and earlier.

Sounds like a thing which could be easily implemented as an add-on and doesn’t really need native support right now? Makes me tempted to give 2.8 scripting a try :smiley:

But sure sounds like a useful feature.

Perhaps, likely yes? thought it may be useful the put the idea out there. I suppose even as an addon layer states could be animated?

Important request imo. Any progress on this? Will save me a lot of time

Isn’t this solved with the view layers system ?

View Layers are quite different used for rendering overlays.

It is one of their uses, but it can also be used to store specific exclusion states for collections.

Although I agree that it isn’t abstracted from the current scene as each scene has its own view layers set associated with it.