Radosity methods to calculate the Global Illumination and defuse surfaces

i would start this discussion with a qestion:
Is it better to use a Radiosity/Path Tracing hybrid?

The story behind my post here is that i used in my company a lot time ago a software called Vue by e-on software and i was impressd how much the results of the integrated render engine was different that from others like cycles, arnold etc, the images are more solid, more tangible, more realistic. I found out that the software used a render engine with a images synthese method called Radosity or a hybrid solution for the reflections, specular etc.

I informed myself how this technik work, his advantages, his disadvantages.

I thougt that if cycles would use radosity in any way the result of the pictures could be more satisfying. Especially if the Global Illumitation is product with Global Radosity.
Here is a paper from an old SIGGRAPH https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=37438
that show a method to combine the to two render methods.

How does here think? Will Blender switch to such a hyrid method in the far future?

Has the whole more disadvantages than advantages than so that the expenditure is not worthwhile itself at all. Inform yourselves and tell me your opinions pls.

Just get an older version of Blender, they used to have finite element radiosity:

In the end though, radiosity has fallen out of fashion for a reason. Besides being limited to purely diffuse interaction only, it doesn’t scale well to complex geometry and does not lend itself to progressive rendering.