Question about Mantaflow

Recently I was intensively using mantaflow in a project for a client and I think I reach a very specific use case that makes me post my question here(not sure if it’s a good place for that)
The mantaflow solver is able to create the main fluid particles and the additional particles like spray, foam, and bubbles…
1 - Can we have control over the main fluid particles “life time” ? Example: A trail of fluid that born and dies at a certain “frame range” or time. (we have something similar with the “smoke dissolve” option)
2 - Is it possible to expose some additional options on the additional(spray, foam bubbles) particles systems? Like the texture control over particles, so we can control the scale of the particles over their life time with a gradient texture(blend texture) so the foam particles will not be popping in and out and we can fade then nicely with this option.

I also want to thank all the team involved in mantaflow. This is amazing as it is. And I was able to solve my client problems and exceed their expectations. Special thanks to @sebbas

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This is an example of the 1 - question. This one was done with SPH particles solver, so I could control the “fluid” life time.

And this is an example of foam particles appearing and disappearing (I imagine that there’s life info on them so it would be nice to be able to use it).
Particle texture control would be nice to modify particles scale over their life time.

I suspect all this will be possible with Particle Nodes, or at least I hope so :slight_smile:

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Yes. I also think that it would be possible with particle nodes.

But my question remains basically to know if it’s just a case of “expose” (and I’m not a dev but I understand that “expose something” is just bring something that already exists under the hood and give access through the UI) OR if it’s something more deep and complicated to implement…

I have clues that it’s something already prepared and it’s just a case of “bring it to the UI” because a particles system is created for this mantaflow particles, so maybe, and here I can be tottaly wrong about it, maybe there’s a way to just expose the texture control in that mantaflow created particle system.

For that questions @sebbas will know :slight_smile: