Qt/PySide2/PyQt windows freezes all Blender windows when I try to move Blender's main Window

Continuing my dive into Blender, I’ve been trying to get PySide2 working for a few days now and I’m very close (I think).

Thanks to the great examples provided here and here I’ve gotten a PySide2 GUI up and running while maintaining interactivity with Blender. The issue now is that when I grab Blender’s title bar and try to move it around the whole program locks up (both the Qt and Blender windows).

Not sure if this helps: When Blender locks up I can’t close it, but I can still minimize it and unminimize it, and the title bar still responds to mouse hovers. Also there aren’t any errors that I can see.

I’m not very experienced with Blender’s systems or queues/threading yet, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hard to say given this is pretty far off the supported path, i’d probably run it in the debugger and see what the main thread is up to.

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Didn’t think about attaching it to a debugger. I’ll research how to do that, thanks.