Proposal UI: Remove Properties area from the default VSE UI

The Properties area take up a lot of screen space of the VSE default workspace, but is basically useless unless you set or need to check project resolution, fps or render properties:

Unless the VSE sidebar gets moved up into the Properties(and I don’t see that happening), the few useful elements from the Properties can be moved elsewhere, to get rid of the Properties area.

The useful elements are Info about Project resolution and fps. This info can be moved into the Statusbar.

And the render properties are also useful, but only needed at export. The two Sequencer Render options can get a File Browser the Render Settings can be moved to the sidebar here. The audio mixdown File Browser already use the sidebar for this.

And finally comes the “Video Editing” workspace template with a Render tab where all of the Properties also are available, if needed.


Would it make sense to make Strips into scene Objects like Mesh, Camera, Grease Pencil etc so we can have dedicated Object settings, Modifiers and Effects in the Properties panel?

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Do you mean something like this?

I would be all for it. Considering the screenshot shows usual size of my timeline (it can be even smaller).

I think it would be desirable if this tab was shown only in sequence editing workspace, which I am not sure how doable is that. But other than that it would sound like improvement from UI perspective. Also more consistent perhaps?

No, I meant what @theois was also suggesting, that if you’re using the sequencer the Object in the preferences should be a strip.

If you want the widest possible timeline I would suggest to use Sequencer/Preview on the top part, as it exposes all the panels and menu options in the top area then:

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No, I meant what @theois was also suggesting

Yes, I also meant this, but just quickly threw together screenshot, I could have fake it a bit more to look like strip properties are in property editor.

Again I think thas sounds like a good idea. Overall at least, perhaps there will be limitations with current implementation of strips (not a datablock).

Yes combined view is a option, but I just don’t like combined view.

It’ll properly clutter the properties code and tabs like crazy, since it is pretty much the sidebar of every editor which then should have a place in the properties. But it would ensure that the screen-estate used by properties actually has a value in all editors.