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Printing out the manual

Hi all,

I want to print out the manual, to have a ressource ready at hand.

It is nice, that is is offline avaiable as epub, which I converted to pdf with no problems, but it is now 5000+ pages.

But it uses a really big font-size and big images, so I think it could be compressed to 500 pages, which would be a little bit more practical.

So my question is, has anyone ever done this, or is working on it, or just could point me to the right direction on how to proceed?

I hope it all should be as trivial as changing a CSS value for font-size and image size.
Changing the compiled epub might to be possible, but seems messy, so it probably makes more sense to build it myself and change the CSS at the source. But where would I start?

Alternatively, can one recommend a printed out book, that covers all the essentials? My search has left me a bit disappointed ā€¦


Ok, so I build the manual myself into a single HTML page, by downloading the source from:

and running

sphinx-build -b singlehtml manual .\output2\

Then I opened it in firefox and printed it as pdf (though apparently one can also bring sphinx to print out pdf).

The result is currently 1400 pages which is way better. I will remove some clutter and then share the result.


Have you actually printed it out? Iā€™d love to see the binders :eye: