Potential Eevee Recovered Session bug

So today I noticed a slight anomaly in Eevee (And lookdev) behaviour. The exact same scene comes out with different looks when loaded from file and when using recover where last left. (I have this enabled since I find it nice to be able to just continue from where I left off last time)
At first I thought it might have just somehow messed up the numerical values in the material but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Could someone confirm whether this is just my end or an actual bug?
(For me I can reproduce it every time by first opening the blend file, closing blender, opening just blender let it recover last session.)


From file


From recovery


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You should report this bug:


Wellp they’ve just removed the keep session user preference altogether so. Irrelevant now I guess.

Nah, it’s still relevant since you can still: