Plz show orientation widget when duplicating (2.80)

My normal workflow for duplicating objects is Shift + D, (X, Y or Z) and then punching in a number. This thing that I will call the orientation widget disappears when I press Shift + D and then I have to cancel to reorient myself. Plz keep this showing when duplicating.

Also, I’m kindof confused about this new tab system at the top of the blender window, the traditional behaviour seems to still be there, is the old behaviour set to be removed?

It is called the Navigate gizmo.
Like a transform gizmo, it disappears when duplicating with the whole header.
But as an independent gizmo, it should not be affected.
This is an inconsistency of UI that should be solved.

But about the tabs for workspaces, this new UI is the only one that exists.
You can try to delete all of them by using right click menu, one will still remain.
All info that was displayed into header of Info Editor in 2.79, is now into status bar at the bottom of screen.
Status bar can be hidden.
When you create a secondary window like user preferences or render window, there is no tab in it.
Tabs is a way to identify a main window that can control display of a specific workspace.

I hope this upcoming fix will include duplication as well: ⚓ T63743 Show gizmo while transforming :wink: