Please please please undo the "Move Scene Statistics to the 3D Viewport" change

I can give a million reasons why this is a bad idea but here’s the most important ones -

  1. First off the 3d view is already crazy cluttered to begin with and can get massively more cluttered depending on your scene on the other hand the status bar is most of the times not nearly as badly cluttered. The argument used in favor of this change was that you can now use the freed up space for ‘keyboard input for complex operators’ or you could just give the status bar a bit more vertical height, or use the header menu or whatever which has a lot of free real estate.

  2. I find myself disabling the ‘show overlays’ button a LOT, so i can focus solely on the work without being distracted by all the highlighting, bones etc etc. None of these overlays are necessary when you are working with modifiers or sculpting so it’s fine to have them hidden. On the other hand if you disable the overlays now it will also take away the polycount and as you might know there’s a million and half ways of adding way too much geometry with both modifiers and sculpting, so you are going to have to enable show overlays but now you can’t focus so well on your work because of all the clutter.

So at the very least make the statistics independent of the ‘show overlays’ button maybe by moving them to the ‘show gizmos’ or something else. Without those stats it feels like i am flying blind. Seriously please remove this!


The stats in the viewport is fine, but yeah, like I said elsewhere, it deserves it’s own panel/popover somewhere, with individual checkboxes for each stats info…

It being part of the overlays panel as “one checkbox to enable everything” is somewhat limited…


Could be a repeated info inside Item.

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Agreed, it deserves it’s own popover with more visbility control, for example when sculpting i want to only see the selected & total verts but unfortunately you can’t do that right now.

Hopefully they can see it’s importance and finish it properly.


Item tab of sidebar is only made of one Transform panel while Tool tab has 3 panels and View tab 4.
It would not hurt to add a Statistics panel, there.
Plus, with checkboxes in it to precise what statistics, Overlay should display ; this panel could allow user to customize overlay to only display relevant statistics.
So, it would not be a simple repetition.

We could imagine that for debugging 3D View, developers could use same kind of panel in View tab.
If gizmos are made more customizable with display of ratings in 3D View, same kind of panel could be added to Tool tab.

The Item tab is a good place, also need other improvement like see the color of a vertex, that actually you cannot do like with other vertex info, like weight.

Yeah. a popover or a menu called “statistic” would work the best since it would be in the viewport & i add show it by default for all the workspaces and depending on the type of the workspace then enable the appropriate settings, but the Default workspace should have “Objects” only enabled.
This way it’s less cluttering, discoverable and the Devs will avoid the wave of reports of “where did the stats go” once the 2.83 gets released.