Please do not put spam on

Please do not report spam on the Blender Developer website ( I said this for everyone to be aware that in this report, {T98282}, a user is reporting an out-of-topic kind of thing.

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Glad to see that you have taken strict action against the spammer. Spamming should not be allowed under any circumstances.

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I take it you mean: please do not put spam on .

If you do see any spam over there, reporting it to someone who can delete it is a good thing. :smiley:


Changed report to put. Thanks.

We have a pretty good handle on spammy users and tickets on the tracker, making a topic telling spammers not to spam may not be as effective as one may hope.


It’s not, like i said, we have got a handle on this, no need to report on devtalk.

Oh, ok. Sorry, I understood it wrong.