Please change "Blender File View" to "Open", "Save As" etc

Maybe this sounds like a small thing, but maybe it also makes it easy to change.
I just saved over a file created a year ago. I forgot I was in “Save As” menu for some reason (not sure why, didn’t make changes to my file) and after 20 minutes when I got back to Blender to open a file I saw the “Blender File View” window. I thought oh, ok, so let’s VIEW THAT FILE. I know the blue button says “Save” not “Open” but it’s not like I always read the button text, especially that the window title made me believe I was about to open the file. :frowning:
I know I should blame myself and yes, this is my fault as the title didn’t really say “Open” either, but why would it have the same header while saving and while opening a file?