Please bring back icons in Collections Panel

Please bring back render ability, select ability to the collections panel. It is so much easier than right clicking on everything and selecting it from a drop down menu.

Also, creating new render, I mean view layers seems disjointed. Having the “use for rendering” located below the collections panel. It was much more user friendly in 2.79 having the check boxes visually adjacent to each render layer for quick toggling.

Did you check out the Filter icon in the outliner?


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The quick toggling of use_for_rendering is something we miss too at the studio, but it should be rather easy to create an Add-on for that.

Obviously, “Restriction”, “Sort” and “Search” has nothing to do with the “Filter”. So this menu should be called in a more general way, with a gear or hamburger icon. Or it should be a separate menu.

This is not the first report of its kind.

Also in header menu.please not in N panel.

Thanks for pointing that out. I see how it works now.

I guess my suggestion would be to have all of the icons showing by default instead of having to discover them.