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Pie Menu in EDIT MODE (ALT+Q)

Greetings everyone

I would like to know why Hot Key ‘ALT+Q’ doesn’t work in edit mode.

I have tried in Blender version 3.0 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 and it is same thing, not working.

Am I missing something or is it bug in Blender or was it removed from Blender?

To be honest as game developer I find this very annoying and I would like solution.

I am still using Blender 2.93.9 in which ALT+Q still works.


Hi, there is already a report for it: ⚓ T90727 ALT Q Pie Menu Shortcut Deprecated, when not in object Mode
Reason it’s not working because pie menu key conflicts with the Object transfer mode hotkey