Pie menu disable on release key patch


I don’t see the problem in including an option in preferences to enable the behavior that makes me foot menus not uncomfortable to use for myself and for many others. Being optional and so easy to implement, I really don’t understand.


Because if the glitch is fixed, then this change is redundant. What you did is a workaround for a glitchy behaviour. We should rather fix the problem, rather than adding yet another option, to try and circumvent it.


As far as I can tell there was no intention to make the pie menu disappear when releasing the key after holding it. This could be added relatively easy though, by checking if some amount of time has passed.


my other 2 cent …
another thing I thought about …
I think many who hate the pie menu, it is because of the wide circumference and the radius of distance between the center from where the cursor is activated and the buttons … I’m sure that if it was halved the distance would be accepted and loved more

I want to say … I think there is a reason why many are bothered by this wide circumference … we are used for years menu with all the buttons nearby


It already does this. Just not if you don’t move the cursor. I think we should just make it do that, regardless of whether the cursor was moved or not.


I just found out from a post on blenderartists that the circumference of the pie menu is configurable in the preferences … now that they sound better ^ __ ^


@billrey @zebus3d @brecht Please review my post with Pie menu fix here:

I believe this fits with the intended behaviour. Setting the tap timeout to 0 works as Zebus prefers, setting it to 20 (default) or so will cause short taps (<0.2s) to stick the pie menu open, setting it to 1000 will make it act like it is now where a very long hold ( <10s) will still result in the pie menu sticking open.


@JJones @brecht Thank you very much!!, great job!!, Thanks! :smiley: