Pick shortest path (ctrl) overrides repeat last command (Shift R)

A huge papercut of mine. Pick shortest path (ctrl) overrides repeat last command (Shift R)! This is really annoying because sometimes you use Select shortest path to select certain bits of mesh and then you want to get the exact same extrusion or bevel as you did with the previously selected bit of mesh, but you simply cannot do that and have to switch to other, less comfortable selection modes and waste loads of clicks and your time. Please make select shortest path a proper selection tool that does not override the Repeat last action command.

To replicate the problem:

  • Make a grid in the viewport and select faces using Pick shortest path
  • Apply operation like Extrude or Bevel
  • Select other bits of faces using Pick shortest path
  • Repeat last action (Shift R)
  • Fail

As a user you’d expect Blender to repeat the last action like extrude or bevel that actually modifies the mesh, not just selects parts of it. When you realize that select shortest path overrides the Repeat last action functionality (while other selection methods don’t) you will have to undo previous mesh modification if you need exactly the same results number wise. This is a huge papercut IMO.

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Situation is not as awful.
You can go into Edit menu -> Repeat History.
And then, you have access to previous Extrude or Bevel.

But you are right. That is a select operator that can not be repeated and, as is, should be ignored by Repeat Last.