Particle System Modifier + Remesh Modifier (Voxel) Unexpected Behavior

A while ago I set out to make a durian in blender. “Just a sphere with some spikes on it”, I thought, "I can use a particle system to place the spikes then remesh them all together with voxel remeshing. When I tried this, it didn’t work, at least procedurally. I had to accept the particle system and join all the spikes and the sphere together for the Voxel remesh to work. I believe this is because the voxel remesh modifier requires everything to be joined into one mesh, and the particle system’s instanced objects are treated as separate from the object with the particle system modifier. Even so, I feel this is strange behavior. To me it seems like If I have a particle system modifier then a Voxel Remesh modifier it should remesh everything together if the particles intersect with the base mesh. Perhaps a checkbox for “Remesh Particles” in the Remesh Modifier.

Does this seem worthy as a consideration for the new particle node system? @jacqueslucke