Paper Cuts, accessibility and some more

After a year on and off with Blender these are my main suggestions, I had some other but they are already worked on as far I could check. It’s more like a public self reminder of the little things I would like to see tackled on.

  • OptiX in Win7 (probably a driver thing, but should be “marketed” appropriately)
  • Keyboard navigation for dialogs with TAB or arrows (ie. Save, Don’t Save, Cancel on exit)
  • Blender preferences export in plain text
  • Option to add custom icons (looks like it’s being worked on)
  • Hook everything to the unit scale, mouse response, values, etc, currently many things go wrong if you don’t work in meters (or 1.0 Meter) (maybe a bigger scope than a Paper Cut)
  • Key modifier for big changes (ie light power, 2D bevel)
  • Make it possible to apply rotation for Empties
  • (Optional) Hookeable hotkeys to change shown Sidebar Panel (ie. Space+T for transforms, Space+V for Viewer, etc)
  • Ctrl+Tab to cycle through editor entries (next/previous node tree, text file, image, etc)
  • An option/menu option to duplicate an editor entry (text, image, node tree)
  • (S) Scale to scale frame Node (when it’s the only one selected)
  • Bigger Frame Label font size possible?