Overview of Cycles

Hi, I would like to build a more fundamental understanding of how Cycles works from a high level. I’ve got Blender source downloaded and have made some changes successfully but lack an understanding of the big picture of Cycles.

I haven’t found any resources that goes into any sort of detail about how Cycles code is structured and run, and the role of each component and how they work together. In particular, I’ve struggled to gain sufficient insight into the role of, for example, class properties throughout the system.

Could I have a conversation with someone knowledgeable about it as a way to get more familiar with the code and able to confidently make changes, and as a reference for future developers new to read when starting cycles development.

There doesn’t exists anything more than what I linked to here really:

I don’t personally have the time to do this, I’m swamped with other Blender development right now.

No problem @brecht, I know you must be all very busy. I will leave this here in case someone with some time stumbles across it.

Oh, I have the same problem, just my English is poor and can not speak as clearly as you do.

I am taking notes of what I find as I learn Cycles, I will post them here if I think they will be helpful for others.

Sounds gorgeous^^
That will be awesome roadmap.

Hi, I am just getting started with the process of understanding the cycles source code. Did you get to learn cycles? If yes, some insights would be extremely helpful to get started. Thanks.