Out of core on AMD GPU's?

Hey guys, i’m thinking of getting an AMD card, but I recall out of core was only supported on Nvidia last year. Is that still the case, or does out of core work on AMD cards now?

According to the Blender manual, and a discussion I had with Brecht a few weeks ago, OpenCL still doesn’t support out of core rendering.

If you wanted too, you could test it by running a Nvidia GPU in OpenCL using the CYCLES_OPENCL_TEST=1 launch command.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Judging by the fact that radeon pro render has out of core, I’m guessing it’s not an opencl issue…unless pro render only does out of core on vulcan?

Cycles does not have an explicit support for out of core rendering with OpenCL. With OpenCL the drivers can do this automatically to some extent, but it’s not going to work as well as our CUDA / Optix implementation. How well it works in practice I don’t have information on.

Testing with a NVIDIA GPU will not tell you how well out-of-core works on AMD GPUs and their drivers.