Optional Xcode project Build failure: -Xlinker fail

Missing Some, but not all *_info.dat files?

Example: (Missing datatoc_icon_dependency_info.dat)

This file (and a few others) are not generated? (PS: Code builds successfully using CMake)

Xcode project fails to produce the executables “datatoc”, “data toc_icon”, “makesdna”, makesrna" and “msgfmt”. Found references to “makesdna” and “makesrna” (authored by brecht circa 2005)…Can someone identify similar “datatoc” and “data_toc_icon” references?

Several Days…and bleeding eyeballs…later:
SUCCESS! (MacBook Pro 2017, Mohave 10.14.3, Xcode 10.1)

This probably isn’t a solution to your particular problem, but I had a problem with similar symptoms, so I’ll mention this here in case somebody else has the same problem as I did.

I was getting some linker and script errors that were caused by my installation of Xcode having a space in its path.

Its path was “/Applications/Xcode 10.1.app”, and the space was making some of the build scripts choke. I renamed it to “/Applications/Xcode.app”, reinstalled the Xcode build tools, checked out a new clean tree, and re-ran the cmake stuff fresh, and it then make an Xcode project that built perfectly!

I wasn’t able to track down the root cause of which script or cmakefile was getting confused by the space in XCode’s path (I think it was one of the scripts that called the compiler on the command line), but it was easier to just not use a space in the XCode path than track down the problem in the rats nest of machine generated scripts.

I would recommend against having spaces in any of the paths to the sources, too. Spaces in file names are just bad luck, and they will bite you when you least expect it!