Option to add Text to Menu and Larger Icons

I’m 50 years old and my eyes aren’t what they once where. In other applications a lot of times I find it easier to use the text menus because I can make the text larger with the window settings. When you’re a new user to blender, the icons in the side panel for are difficult for me because the icons are so small. There’s no way to change this behavior to Icon and text, or just text. Please give us the ability to add the text descriptions to the panel tab along with the icons or just switch to text. It’s really frustrating to try and decipher tiny icons.


Did you try The resolution scale from the preferences? (Edit → Preferences, Interface tab → resolution scale) That makes everything bigger also the icons.

I personally can’t use blender with a resolution scale < 1.4 (on my 1920x1280 but not too large monitor), due to bad eyes + age.