Operator search coming up empty in 2.90

Hi all!

I’m starting to learn how to write a addons for blender, and straight away stumbled across this problem whilst following the Add-on tutorial from the official doc:
In this example, after running it and pressing F3 to bring up the operator search, Move X by One doesn’t show up in the results.
Tried the same thing in 2.83 and it does work there.

I saw from the last meeting notes that the search got some work done, so I’m not sure if it’s a bug in 2.90 or if it’s intended and the doc needs updating.
Anyone knows a workaround tho?

Release notes describing these changes are here.

In short, the solution is to either enable Developer Extras or to put the operator in a menu.

Thanks a lot! And sorry, I did think I’d seen something about it somewhere but couldn’t remember where.