Operator node tree macros

I like nodes, I talk a lot about them, but I never used them (that says something about a person eh?)…

So I wrote a mockup, of operator nodes.

4 types were used: selection, sort, filter and move node

there is no branching and all nodes do expect a strip collection to be passed, but clearly a complex solution can be made rather easily.

I used https://github.com/JacquesLucke/everything_nodes_prototype as a starting point
result: https://github.com/RichardAntalik/operator-nodes

I added just about ~150 LOC to make this work and chose a different approach then in original code(chaining calls, + “passing context” instead of generating raw code)

in context of Python based operators (for VSE) a lot of code can be shared.

As a coder I can say, that this could be easily a tool of choice over writing a script in most cases…

Dunno Should I dig into this and create something more presentable?