Old, confirmed bugs still present in 2.80 release candidates... Is this normal?

The thread title pretty much says it all…
I made two 2.8 bug reports back in May that were later tagged as confirmed by the devs (one particle system crash found here, another, some lost instancing functionality from 2.79 found here). Unfortunately these bugs are still present in both release candidates.

I just wanted to get some confirmation that it’s normal for some confirmed bugs to go unfixed in releases. I suppose it’s possible that these two bugs are being passed on as 2.81 will likely bring both static overrides and node-based particle systems, possibly making both of these bugs irrelevant, but I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t, I don’t know, lost in a sea of bug reports.

As you said in the description… it sometimes crash. This will get the task not a high priority and more important bugs will be solved first. A 100% bug free software is not possible to make and would take too much time… The 80 20 rule is here and will stay forever.

The aim is to have no confirmed high prio bugs but anything classified below that are ‘it be nice if we had time, but it’s not gonna stop the release’

The particle system is a known deep, dark sinkhole of bugs with a ton of incomplete and or missing features. There’s no one to fix or replace it. Just because someone is good at one or multiple areas of coding doesn’t mean they know everything about everything. A good particle system requires a physicist who is also a gifted programmer.

The particle system is being re-worked. As long as the bugs are not show stoppers, time and energy are better spend on the new system.

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