Offscreen Rendering Texture Issue


I am a developer of a blender addon that allows to send offscreen rendered textures to other applications via spout (for windows) and spyhon (for OSX).

For this I am using the offscreen render approach (as described here) and I have it slighty adaped by passing on the rendered texture to the python API for spout rsp. spyhon.

This works flawlessly for windows, but on OSX I encounter the following issue:

The video shows how on OSX the texture is not completely send every frame, only a sliver on the left side is updated frequently. But here is the catch: In the second half of the video where I orbit around in the 3d viewport, the texture is correctly updated (albey with an unreasonable frame rate - but thats probably a different issue with the draw_handler).

So it looks as if there is a kind of texture refresh happening in the background when the viewport camera is moved around, which is not happening when I just manipulate objects. And I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction, so I can call this function via python for each frame, so a user doesn’t have to continoulsy move the viewport cam orientation.

any hints are welcome

cheers - martin

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