Object Dimension string lines like a CAD program

Hello everyone, first all great job on 2.8. I’ve started to use it and the UI and UX is great. I pretty much jumped up and down when the Units are now truly showing inches correctly. The new measuring tool is somewhat weird to use. Is there a way to implement a CAD like system to show dimensions automatically? I’ve used Cabinet Vision for years but it lacks rendering. It would be really nice to have blender to display measurements automatically. Also maybe add a fraction system option too. Like instead of showing 24.125 for a width of a cabinet it could be changed to display it as 24-1/8. Keep up the hard work. I know there is measureit but in my option it is not great to use.

I was also really excited when Blender implemented a way to change the way units are displayed. Cabinet Vision has the ability to render, but no where near what Blender can produce. The Archipack Add-on has a really good starting point for displaying dimensions, so I would keep an eye on the development of that add-on.