Not proper behavior Shift key with transformation tools

Hi. The Shift key now work different as expected compare with Ctrl key. Watch my video with demonstration:

That is a persistence of shortcuts of 2.79 when transform gizmo did not have little colored squares to constraint movement to a plane.
In 2.79, pressing shift while clicking on an Z axis of gizmo was the only to constraint movement to XY plane.
Or user had to do it without using gizmo. Corresponding keymaps of tool are visible in Status Bar.
Shift X to constraint on X planes, Shift Y for Y plane, Shift Z for Z plane.

So, this is intended behavior for a large portion of community users that are using Blender since years.
But now, that gizmo has handles for plane constraints that behavior may disappear.
That is up to users of gizmo to express if they would like to keep this behavior because they prefer it to little squares or if little squares are sufficient.

I’m not using any little square for moving object it’s happens with simple axis arrow not square. Just try press Shift key and then move object in one of directional.

I understood that.
I mean that little square behavior = Shift + Axis behavior.

That is not a bug. Blender works as is since years.

Little squares were added in 2.80. Since then, it could be possible to remove old Shift +Axis behavior.
But before 2.80, it was a requested behavior.

Ok it’s feature for quick moving object with constraint.

What about Rotate and Scale when pressing Shift key before execute this operations don’t apply modification step?

Well. rotating around a plane does not make sense. A rotation is free or around an axis.
So, Rotate is not concerned by that.

And Scale is actually working like Move.
Shift key + clicking on Axis is scaling object in 2 dimensions.
But pressing shift after beginning of Scale action is affecting precision of value.

Ok, thank you. “Not bug, it’s feature” ©

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