Node Edits not appearing on Rendered Material in Viewport

I’m using the latest Beta build of Blender 2.8 on Mac OS from February 15th. Strangely Windows and Linux are up to date but Mac still has a build from a week ago.

I mention this because the latest Mac OS build no longer updates the render viewport when you edit a node. You have to reload the entire blend file to see your changes. For instance, if you change the base color or add a node to a material, no change will appear on your object -even in rendered view. But if you save and restart the file, your changes are applied.

Is this a bug? When’s the next build that will resolve this issue?

I understand that because it’s in Beta, only developer comments are being addressed right now but I just want to know if this issue can be fixed in the next build ASAP. Thanks

The build was updated just now. I’m not sure if it resolves that bug, which is being tracked here:

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