Node editor: grey out a node


I reported this bug, and I really believe it should be fixed. It’s confusing the user a lot. Unfortunately it’s closed and somebody tells me this is not a bug without any valid reason …

So I have 2 questions:

  • are we supposed to work with nodes in EEVEE that we added in Cycles without any warning they don’t work in EEVEE? (when switching from Cycles to EEVEE). This is very NOT user-friendly.

  • is there already code that can grey out a node? Because I think this is the solution to this problem

Its not a bug because its something that was just never implemented and not part of the design. What you want is new feature, so its a feature request. Bug is when something is supposed to work one way and doesn’t.

Additionally, this post isn’t about contributing to Blender to I suspect this will be closed as well :sweat_smile: For feature requests and ideas you can use right click select.

Now I heard it all: bugs are NEVER part of a design …
That’s why they are bugs.

If a non-working node stays while it’s NOT working, it can’t be POSSIBLY a design decision. Unless you’re smoking tons of heavy stuff and you think this is the way a user will work with Blender … using nodes that don’t work, completely unusable

And this is certainly a way to contribute: my 2nd question asks if there is code to grey out a node. I ask this of course to try to fix this myself using that code.

Well in second thread in one day you made it clear you’re not going to communicate respectfully, or follow code of conduct. So I’ll leave you with your conclusions and misreading of my words :ok_hand:

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I reported a bug
What you don’t understand about this?
I wrote every line of text with respect
Are you going to reply with something that has any goal or is your goal to insult me based on nothing? Where exactly i’m not writing respectfully?
I didn’t make this bug in the code so you can hardly blame ME for it :slight_smile:

The tracker has a very narrow definition of what a bug is, you may agree with that definition, you may disagree but it is what it is.

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