New screenshots for Blender website

The Blender 3 version brings a lot of new UI changes that make the app look more modern, as well as increasing uniformity across the UI style used in existing parts of the Blender app. However, since this version packs some eye catching UI improvements, it looks a lot different from its preceding versions, especially the old v2.80 whose screenshots are given in the main landing page of website. Therefore, it will surely be great if you can replace the old screenshots with new screenshots from the latest Blender 3.0 version. Thanks a lot.

Merry Christmas to all the Blender enthusiasts and developers out there!


Please? Can any website developer update the screenshots to new Blender 3 ones? @pablovazquez ?

Just simple Sprite Fright screenshots will do I guess, as it’s Blender’s own movie. Even the 2.80 screenshots were of Blender’s own movie.