New requirements help

Hey guys i need your help. So in Blender 2.91 there are new requirements to start this aplication. I looked at the list of all AMD GPU’s but i can not find my “AMD Radeon R5 Graphics” card. Does anyone know if this is now supported or do i need to update my drivers software?

(I am new here so i don’t know where to ask)

AMD Radeon R5 is not specific enough a description, there are many different variations.

If it’s GCN architecture it’s supported, if it’s Terscale it’s not.

I have an AMD Radeon R5 M240. Forgot to mention that

That one is GCN 1.0, so in principle it should be supported. Installing the most recent graphics drivers is always recommended, regardless of the GPU.

Okay and how do i update my drivers? I already checked the device Manager but it says that i have the latest versions.

Okay thank you. You helped me a lot ^^