New Render Window Discussion

Hello everyone!

This is my first post here, so the first thing I would like to say is that I can’t keep up with all the improvements and new features you are adding to Blender. So first of, thank you for the fantastic work!

We started a discussion about the current rendering interface, and a first version of a new render window. The interest and involvement by the community has been great, see the feedback here:

Thanks to the feedback, I submitted an updated proposition, with 5 more features requested by the community, on right-click select here:

The proposition is mostly UI rework, with a couple of small new features.

  • First rework the UI, remove the not working or not relevant to rendering features, and organize it to have an interface streamlined for rendering.

  • Then add a couple of simple but very useful features. One of of the suggestions, the render region control box, is already available in the 3d viewport, for example.

I hope it will get your attention, as there has been a strong interest and involvement from the community for an update to the rendering interface.

I would be happy to keep the discussion going here, with input from the development side!


This will nicely mix with discussions about custom renderers imho.

I’m fiddling with the Blender Redshift beta now, and unlike other 3d application implementations, there’s no RS Render View available. Which has most of the things that are requested above.

As the implementation is beta atm, I cannot tell if this a limitation of Blender, or a not yet implemented feature.


Hope that see this features in some of next Blender updates

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