New preference behavior on changed/new key-maps in 2.81?


I have a slightly customized key-map for 2.80, and I can quickly see what has changed with the ‘Restore’ button or the little “left arrow” icon next to a key-map.
In 2.81, all these are gone, only for the Outliner I see a Restore button.
Also, any changed or new key-map doesn’t show the left arrow icon anymore. which makes it impossible to see what has changed or is new.

Is this by design, or something else that goes wrong?
To quickly see what key-maps are changed is very useful, or you have to write it all down. Which is a bit odd to say the least… :wink:



It seems that old preferences seem to be a bit temperamental in 2.81. If you compare them side by side there’s lots of new settings, it probably goes wrong there after import into 2.81.
If I copy the default Blender prefs into a new set, I do get the changed clues back after changing some of them.

Sorry for the noise, but maybe it will help someone else too :wink: