New option Color space when using old setup material - mess

From Meeting notes from 13.05:
" * Image textures now use the color space on the image datablock instead of the node, and use OpenColorIO for conversion. Eevee and workbench now match Cycles handling of colorspace and alpha handling more closely."

How can I keep the same material look, when now for normal map default color space Blender switch to sRGB instead of non color data like in previous material? Maybe Blender should keep old settings and make transform like color data -> sRGB, and non color data -> non color data
Because now my old materials need to be convert to right color space, which is very bad information for me.
Can you help?

There was a bug in the automatic conversion where it wasn’t happening for newer files, it should be ok in tomorrow’s build.

Thank you for fast reply

had some issues when rendering same scene on WIN and Linux…image node didnt work with sRGB color space on Linux (seemed like the image node was treated liked linear instead of sRGB and been gamma corrected even shouldnt) so output image was washed out (doubled gamma correction on image texture set to sRGB)

This this mean its fixed now?!

The linux b3d version I ve experienced the problem is:

Hard to say, e2d04229c38b was before the bigger changes were made. Just try it?