NEW MAJOR FEATURE: Two Step Transformation (Move, Scale, Rotate)


There is a very necessary need for a feature I decided to name: “Two Step Transformation”.

Blender’s default method is that once you initiate Move (G), Rotate (R), or Scale (S) commands you are not promoted to select a point on the object FIRST then complete the command.

This wastes a lot of time when working on architectural projects and causes frustration when trying to do accurate snapping transformation.

The current workaround to this in Blender, is setting the object’s origin and 3D cursor first to the desired vertex then moving with the snap turned on and set to vertices.

This is extremely time consuming on long term modelling time.

I want to develop a more easier and common feature and I decided to name it 'Two Step Transformation" which already exists in Rhino, SketchUp, AutoCAD and Revit but absent in Blender and 3DS Max which rely either on what I described above or the transform gizmo.

The method works like this:

  1. Initiate a transform command. (Move, Scale, Rotate)
  2. Select a desired point on the object to move from.
  3. Select the end destination (point) for the desired object.

The command is done.

How do I develop this feature and does it exist as work in progress I can contribute to?

CAD snapping by basepoint is the third most requested feature on right click select but still not implemented in Blender😔

Fortunately Stephen leger made a wonderful addon called CAD transform that add a lot of possibilities for precise transforms operations

That is a good initiative and you will find lot of enthousiast users, I think there is a work in progress somewhere that is going on but can’t find it on my phone

I want a method 5o implement this feature hard coded inside blender as an option in the preferences and allow tutorials and media to focus on it, so that we further grab attention to the strength of Blender.