New icons for Blender 2.8x

View on my machine after this patch is applied:

Note that the patch adds the ability to have different icons per line item, but only does so for Windows for now. A Mac developer will have to do so similar for Mac for example. Ditto Linux.


Time ago somebody told that blender experimental must to have an icon. Before I think that with the actual state of blender experimental, that each day we have new tools importants for user, like remesher, could be good implement that idea and use a different icon for official release and experimental builds to differenciate in the taskbar.


Some new items are coming.
Stay tuned!


The Rolling pokeball


After designing icons for multinational companies a few decades ago, I now believe there SHOULD BE AN OPTION TO SHOW THEM AS TITLES / LABELS (maybe just a momentary-while-held-down Hotkey). The push to maximize screen-space with micro-mini cryptic icons off to all sides is entirely unnecessary, given that EEVEE requires thousand dollar graphic boards that all have muti-monitor support. It REALLY bogs down the learning process for an experienced pro (with 2.79 and before) to have to hover over each one at a time to find out what the **** it is. Thanks for consideration.

What would be a proper icon instead of the “Run Script” button?
Discussed here:


image ?

It’s ambiguous, so no - a running man isn’t a good depiction for “run script”.
We already have a “Play” icon -E2. Haven’t we?


QtCreator, Pycharm, and other ides use a green play.


Play button was suggested here too:
But apparently it can be read as something you can stop or pause too.

Maybe a kind of “start” related symbol will do?
A start button (on/off)? Yes, we use it for “Quit” the Blender, but this can be swapped with other, better suited design…
A launching rocket?
A checkered flag?

I’ve noticed that the button changes whether the script is a python script or a shader, in the latter it becomes “Script Node Update”. Should be considered I guess.

I wouldn’t tbh, the scripts runs only once when you click on the button, it doesn’t stays on.

What about the other two symbols? I mean - rocket/flag.

I wouldn’t personally mind the play icon for this actually, substituted with the update one for OSL scripts, as we already use it here:

Generally I like the idea of using the play icon. It’s probably fine to consider this the standard icon for this kind of action.

However I do see an issue. Other editors/IDEs don’t have any other playing action. For them the only thing that makes sense to carry the playing metaphor is running the application.
In Blender we do have the concept of playing animation. So there is a conflict here. Not sure how to solve it. Maybe the button with the play icon should simply say “Run”.

I don’t understand that problem, play in one editor is not the same than in other editor.

But in any case you could made a Play icon over a little gear icon


If you google ‘execute and icon’ a play button inside a gear shows up.

The only complaint I have with this symbol (a gear with play triangle) is that the gear itself is used for Preferences now. Such depiction reuse must be avoided, otherwise it will be confusing.

If we have a program that allow thousand of different behaviours some icons must be the same. So, or we use colored icons or in some moment we will have this problems.

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It’s not my decision, but I like the creativity of your thinking: icons signifying launch or start.