New denoising method suggestion for Cycles

I was looking for methods to decrease render samples and noise in Cycles… as usual, like everybody else.

I came across a method how a render with low samples is automatically noise reduced in the compositor.

It’s called “Bilateral Denoising Filter”. Here is a YouTube video showig it.

And here is even a .blend file with the Bilateral Denoising Filter built in the compositor that you can try out for yourself.

It performs far better than the current denoiser of Cycles. The edges don’t bleed and the texture detail are preserved in most places. Only on real noisy renders with high amounts of fireflies etc. it starts to struggle a bit and you can see it in form of some weird waves on the spots where the noise/fireflies were.

However, I would still love to have this integrated into Blender so that we can, once again, fight the noise and the render times alltogether.

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That its alredy integrated in the compositor, since 2.4x i guess.
What you are sharing its a .blend file that contains the set up and the video was done using that node.

The only difficulty its getting the Determinator to keep border crisp, and separate all the channels in your scene to properly filter noise.

This is an image of the setup that its in the description of the video that you linked

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