Need help reviewing PR for macOS text cursor behavior

Edit: a PR is now available at #106724 - WIP: UI: Text cursor behavior for Apple Devices - blender - Blender Projects

Hi Community! This is my first attempt at building Blender. I’m looking for the file where Blender handles ‘move’ and ‘select’ operations when a user is for example renaming an object, material, or node label.

I’d like to test a macOS build that conforms to standard macOS text cursor navigation key commands rather than Windows key commands.


Haven’t tested it, but I would start by looking for the widget, then the row properties and drawing it, then to that modal operator that edits the string

I believe I found it:

blender > editors > bf_editor_interface > Source Files > interface_handlers

I obviously don’t want to change the global function of certain keys. Only how Blender interprets the keys in the context of text editing. If anyone thinks this is the wrong file to be looking at, let me know.

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I wrote a solution that keeps the same functionality, and adds the expected macOS behavior. Works great for me! Excited to get it up for review.

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The PR can be found here #106724 - UI: Adds expected text cursor behavior for Apple Devices - blender - Blender Projects

Would love some help reviewing the code. Thanks!

you can move your PR to main repo… having it in your fork is a bit hidden a wont be see easily for review

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I’ve updated the links. Thanks for the heads up.