Names of objects and materials truncated unnecessarily

I am working with some assets that have extremely long names, and the UI doesn’t expand drop-downs and the outline doesn’t scroll enough to handle such long names:

The dropdown on both the texture nodes and on the upper material selector do not expand horizontally even though there is space to do so. Additionally, in the outliner even if you scroll all the way to the right, the view and selection icons still obscure the end of the name.

Any improvements made to make better use of available screen space would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Too bad that nobody responded to this. I had a similar problem. Where’s a place to go to and get actual support from the Blender developers? I have tried many times and so many question have been unanswered.

Blender has a character amount that is limited to 63. This is a problem. I’m working with CAD data and need minimum 128, better 256 chars. This restriction becames to a real problem, when working professionally.