Named Attribute Nodes in Blender 3.0

In what capacity is “normally”?

Last time I was aware attribute get/set were still being talked about, but store named attribute was confirmed. Do you know where we are at currently?

all i heard was “surely for 3.1” on the devchat from main devs :slight_smile:


2.93 felt like one step forward, one step back for GN. There were new things I could do in 2.93, but there were also things that I could no longer do. And now 3.0 feels the same way.

This isn’t the only way to handle scope issues, not by a long shot. And if portability ever comes in conflict with power, power should win. We tell coders to avoid global variables rather than straight-out banning them. You can make something idiot-proof, or you can make something powerful, but not both; if you choose idiot-proof, you’d best have enough idiots in your userbase to justify that decision.

You can’t test a design decision while the functionality excludes significant parts of your testers. In 2.92, GN focused on instancing, probably because that was what GN designers were interested in, recognizing that many more uses were imaginable in the future. But because of that, the only thing that ever got user-tested was instancing. When the decision was made to implement geo joins using instancing code, that seemed perfectly reasonable, because all anybody was using GN for was instancing. But it broke so much else (materials, VGs, UVs…) that wasn’t yet tested, only imagined.

You are again in the same situation. When you provide a “set position” but no “set normal”, no “set UV[2]” (how many set nodes are we going to have?), you are again excluding certain kinds of testers, and the feedback you get will be from, yet again, people that are using GN for instancing. That’s not a representative sample of all of the people you would eventually like to see using GN.


What about the data interchange between other addon? I was relying upon this feature to get attributes in Animation Nodes.
How I’m supposed to access GN points from AN now?

If I understand correctly, Attribute Set/Get would be added in 3.1.
I don’t have a link though, so I don’t know when we could expect something like that.

It looks like potentially 3.2 for the named attribute nodes? rBd4e46c13cc92 (

Thanks @HooglyBoogly !

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Currently it’s in 3.2 under an experimental flag, but you can turn it on in preferences.

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I did some tests, for scattering, storing/writing instances has a minimal impact on performance

Not to be abused when unnecessary of course, not sure why you used them in your example