My first diff, Topology Rake implementation

I would just like to ask If I did it right, in case it never gets reviewed since bug tracker is so busy.
This Adds a feature for tweaking the quality of the dyntopo tesselatrion, with a simple modified smoothing routine,



Yes, this diff was submitted correctly.

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I would like to see this in Blender for sure.


As a side note, if you can please provide builds and release them on Blenderartists so that people can test your feature in real situations, or in their work in case this gets to be implemented in Blender.


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For now, I can only compile it for windows but seems like a good idea.

Sure, make sure to provide the Blenderartists forum page and some documentation in your diff page. So the devs can take a peek at the forum to see if there is upbeat interest.

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