Multi Select Loops activated by Double-Click (emulate 3 button mouse) active?

Mesh: Multi Select Loops
MacOS Mojave with “Magic Mouse”.
Should MMB with “emulate 3 button mouse” be an Alt-LMB click?
With the above configuration Double-Click LMB is what works for me.
Is this a bug…or expected behavior for Blender v2.80.46?

MMB is used to “Rotate View” and with “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” it becomes Alt-LMB, so you unable to use Alt-LMB to “Select Loops”.

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Is this behavior documented? Just discovered without “emulate 3 button mouse”…LMB does single select of loop cut…while Alt-LMB does multi loop selection. Pan and rotate work work as expected using gestures on “Magic Mouse”. It was an error on my part to select “emulate 3 button mouse” to work with loop cuts?

Guess I need to unlearn…in this case “emulate 3 button mouse” unnecessary.
Combine with Wacom Table…Lot of unlearning. But I wasn’t that proficient to begin with.